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Enterprise Portal Development

An enterprise portal is the best way to increase the productivity of employees through customization and personalization of features, providing secured environment at enterprise level to reuse various components, reducing complexity and introducing seamless integration and processing.

Udaan has excellent portal solutions for the organizations that are looking forward to expand their scope with the growing trends of globalization. We fully understand that a portal solution serves as a centre-point for a group of users. A good portal involves an appropriate integration of design and content in conjunction with other features such as single sign-on, personalization, and collaboration.

The main benefits that you will get from your Enterprise portal are:

There are many people who think that getting your website designed by using the existing templates is the best way to get the website designed, it is the other way round that is the much better option. Rather than having the same layout and graphics as the hundred other websites it is much better to use the custom website design that is unique. It tells your customers that are you are special and different than your competitors.

Having a custom web design also tells your clients that you are a successful business and your budget allows you to pay for the custom website design rather than the other way round.

Easiest and the fastest way for the users to get required information
Full functionality of daily used desktop applications.
Raised users’ graph of output and efficiency.
Enhanced style of work in a positive way.
Efficient means for getting consolidated useful business information.

Portal Services:Depending on your specific requirements, we can offer the following services:

Portal Solution building or integration
Portal Deployment Strategy
Portal Assessment and Evaluation
Portal Migration
Portal Upgrade
Portal Operations, Maintenance and Support
Personalized Content Delivery
Interface Team Collaboration Tools
Security Building Block – Internal/External to Portal