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Marketing and Advertising

New Media is driving the world crazy. This new age is all about changing the paradigm of how people discover, view, and interact with information as well as entertainment content. It’s the age of the mass media, where people express themselves. In a democratic world today, freedom of expression is perhaps the most important thing on earth. Thus, marketing and advertising has become a crucial part of enterprises to survive in the rat race. Huge amount of money is being spent on it and more and more IT companies are getting glued to it.

Whether it is a decision on RIA technologies, web-scripting languages, security options, video standards, Content Management Systems (CMS), mobile standards, or online and mobile advertising platforms, the choices are staggering and endless. We have worked with various clients across the world in this domain and have upgrading ourselves in terms of technology and efficiency. Our development team is dedicated to commence research on every project we work on. An industry like advertising which is constantly in flux, keeping abreast with the latest technology is the main motto of Udaan Software.

Our client base in Marketing and Advertising spans:

  • Information Portals
  • Information Portals Search Engine Companies
  • Content Management
  • Aggregation And Syndication Firms
  • Social Networking And Community Sites
  • New Media Companies
  • Online Entertainment Companies
  • Online/Mobile Advertisement Companies
  • Online Gaming
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • High Performance Transactional Portal Development
  • Web 2.0 Technologies