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Mobile Application UI Design

A Mobile application is an application that is native to a particular mobile device or its platform. It could be deployed on a smart phone, tablet or any other device in context of usage. It is essentially similar to desktop applications of the past, which needed to be installed on the device to access and run various web services.

However, there are possibilities that a mobile app completely uses device’s memory to run regardless of whether that device is connected to Internet. In this case, web services may not be used at all, while running the application

On the other hand, Mobile applications could also be completely running on the web but provide native framework and certain functionalities. In such cases, they are called hybrid applications.

Mobile Application design at Think Design

Think Design has designed mobile applications in multiple domains such as Enterprise, E commerce, Entertainment, Education, Platform/ OS just to mention a few. Further, we have experience designing applications for Android, IOS platforms and for devices ranging from Tablets, Handhelds, Smartphones to Feature phones.

Information Architecture

Place your information at the right places:
Applying principles of IA helps untangle complexities before we navigate further!

Navigation Design

Make navigation seamless:
Explore possibilities with elements provided by platform. Look beyond them if need be.

Flows and Gestures

Map interactivity at early stages:
Set up screen and information flows using gesture possibilities. Always be in context.

Paper prototypes

See you app come to life before its designed:
Make scaled prototypes on paper, test the affordances using actual gestures.


Assess logic before going emotional:
Frame information without those visual elements, take decisions before falling in love!

Visual Design

What looks good, sells good:
Send out the right signals, play with colors, typo, details and your philosophy!