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Project Initiation

We initiate the project by first documenting the business owner’s wish-list and high-level business requirements. The wish list is then broken down to high-level features which are used as a base to conduct a feasibility study and scope analysis.

A feasibility study is undertaken to determine the viability of converting the high-level features into a workable solution. While the study is conducted, we also decide on state-of-the-art technologies that will be used to convert these features into a scalable, flexible and adaptable business solution.

The scope analysis consists of detailed requirements analysis to understand external dependencies of the system (if any) as well as prioritizing the requirements according to the urgency of the need. By doing this scope analysis, it will also help to determine the project feature list, effort, budget, and delivery time. At this stage we also try to model the final solution by creating product wire-frames, building POC and prototyping. These helps the business owner to envisage the product even before the actual development process begins.