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The purpose of creating Sprint Backlog is to deliver the project in sprints or iterations. Using this, business owner is able to see working portions of the product even before the complete product is ready. Flexible approach thus ensures that the business need is met at an early stage. To explain sprint, it is an iterative cycle of about 2-3 weeks during which a portions of the product is developed. In the end of each sprint, our team will deliver a working portion of the final product.

The sprint stage comprises of analysis of the product backlog and collaboration among team members to decide which requirements are to be included in the current sprint. Also, this process ensures that the business owner has a workable product in hand and is able to show every stakeholder, the development of the project and also carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Along with Agile technique, our development model also accepts and embraces change.

The changes and new requirements that develop during UAT are logged into the Product Backlog and will be deliberated during the subsequent sprint meeting. This regular alignment with business objectives ensures that the final product delivered is according to the specific business needs. When the end of sprint stage arrives, the product is complete and ready to be delivered to the business owner.